Fresh Fish with Chilli, Kaffir & Lime Butter

Green chilli, kaffir lime and coriander infused butter. Bring the flavours of Thailand’s street food to your kitchen. 

WITH FLAVOUR FIEND’S Chilli, Kaffir Lime & Coriander




100g Flavour Fiend Chilli, Kaffir Lime & Coriander Finishing Butter

4 fillets Fresh, firm-textured white fish  e.g. Bluenose, Kingfish, Snapper

Sesame seeds

Sea salt

Fresh ground black pepper

Fish sauce


  1. The sesame seeds are optional but a nice touch. Preheat oven to 200c
  2. Season both sides of fish with salt, pepper and seeds. Heat a large heavy bottom pan with a little oil until it just starts to smoke, not too hot or the seeds will burn.
  3. Place the fish presentation side down and cook on a medium heat until sesame seeds are brown.
  4. Gently turn the fish and place in the hot oven for a couple of minutes until fish is 3/4 cooked. Remove from the oven and rest in hot pan for a moment.
  5. Cut the Chilli, Kaffir Lime & Coriander finishing butter into four pieces. After resting the fish, sprinkle with a little fish sauce, then place the chilled finishing butter onto each portion and return to the oven to half melt the butter. Pour the pan juices evenly over each portion. Delicious
  6. Serve with coconut rice, Asian-style slaw and a crisp Pinot Gris.

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